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Falcon Eye – technical specification

Vision technology based on OmniVision video sensor, model OV2710, which provide 2.0MP at supported image formats: MJPEG and YUV2(YUYU). Free drive video protocol: usb video class UVC, it has automatic control for exposure, white balance and gain, and manual settings for: brightness, contrast, color saturation, tone definition, gamma, white balance,

backlight, sharpness, contrast and exposure.

Supported recording resolution are:







1280X1024@30fps and


Casing: black anodized aluminum, 56x56x34mm (HxWxD) without the lens.

Weight: 205g camera without the lens, 55g lens – 260g complete.

Lens specification: CS mount, focal length 2.8 ~ 12mm, aperture F1.4, manual settings: iris, zoom and focus.

Operating conditions: -20 +60 . ℃ ℃

Connection: USB 2.0 female port positioned on rear camera side.

Note: This is description for standard configuration, camera can be supplied with additional components.

Falcon Eye camera parts

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