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Please consider in previous steps camera and subject position in order to get right measure for cabling. Note that you can use up to 4.8m of USB 2.0 cable without of loosing signal, but you can use 15m of active USB 2.0 cable  per camera without of loosing signal.

Always use male-male usb 2.0 cable as starter cable.

Take out cables from the package and straight them, before you turn on camera and computer please plug in cables. Install cables in secure position to avoid any possibility of putting pressure on it. Also consider cable position, move it from the foot traffic lines. If you are using fixed installations you can install cables into cable housing. If you install camera at high poles please fix cables with straps to pole to avoid pole shake. Go around with the cables to any wet or oil surfaces at ground. Do not make any sharp corners with the cable.

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