Frequently asked questions


Q: What if I have direct light source?

A: Please control apperture to close position, turn lens middle ring to C mark direction, in the same time check software preview, ensure that you let enough light to camera.

Q: When I turn-on camera there are blinking lines at preview screen, what to do?

A: There are two causes for this:

1. Camera and cables are cold, please turn on camera for 5mins and than re-open software.

2. Cables is knotted, please unplug cable, straight them and plug back.

Q: How many meters of USB 2.0 cable we can use to connect camera and computer?

A: Tests showed that you can use 4.8m of USB 2.0 cable without of loosing signal, but you can use 15m of active USB 2.0 cable per camera without of loosing signal.

Q: There is black screen when I try to use Falcon Eye cameras at Kinovea.

A: Please try following steps:
1. Take off lens cap,

2. Turn on lights in the room where you are,

3. Open lens apperture, turn lens middle ring to O mark direction,

4. Change resolution on both cameras (top camera status bar) - try first with 800x600 and than continue with other resolutions.

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